RAD Exams

The Royal Academy of Dance offers a system of examinations operating in 64 countries worldwide and these are accredited in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Examinations provide a goal for children and students and an opportunity to show their achievements in the performance of their work on the day of the exam. We like to think of the examination day as special and to be enjoyed. However, please note, exams are not compulsory.

· As WBS is renowned for its high standard, I will only enter those students who are who are ready for the exam. This depends on how focused and hard-working they are in class, how quickly the work is learnt, and on good attendance.

· Students wishing to take exams will be required to attend all regular classes plus 1 extra coaching lesson per week (usually 5 weeks before) and to practice at home at least once a week, please refer to the RAD Shop online for CDs and DVDs.

· Additional fees must be paid for additional lessons and the exam

There is a closing date for exams and late fees cannot be accepted

· Exam results are usually issued to me 6 weeks after the exam. Please feel free to contact me for the result.

· Certificates and the breakdown report arrive after this and I will give them to the children ASAP.


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